Sunday, June 20, 2021

When the Muse is on Vacation and They Send in This Guy.

So I am now getting down to it. Ready. Here I go. Wait –– okay, now.

What are you doing?



Well, that’s how you do it. 

What are you writing?

I don’t know yet.

So why are you opening a notebook?

It’s called showing up.

For what?

I’ll know when it happens.

What’s happening now?

We’ll see.

It doesn’t look like much. Is that a grocery list?

That’s for later. This is for now.

That also looks like a grocery list.

I make lists. 


Ideas. Verbs. Names of plants. Names of mythological figures. 


For when it happens.

Oh, aren’t we grand? The happening: Live, ladies and gentlemen, right here! 

Look, I’m trying to do a thing here. Can you. . . go somewhere else?

You put in the order. Now I’m here.

Not for you, though. I can’t think.

What are you thinking?

I don’t know yet.

Hey did you see those images by that guy in the UK who does all the hilarious taxidermy memes? Look, look! You should check this out.

I really––– Oh, that is funny. 

Told you.

Okay, now back to work.

KK, let’s go. What are we doing? Wait, is THAT what you’re doing?

It’s not done yet. It’s just a list.

That looks pretty lame; are you sure you wanna go with that? How long have you been doing this?

Listen, can you just––

Do we have any snacks?

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